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Calorie Shifting Diet
A Solution to Dieting Problems

Shifting types of calories eaten can solve the problems of most dieters: The body is not able to maintain the weight-loss rate gradually. Normally, when you start dieting for a while, you’ll find that you cannot continue losing weight no matter how strictly you follow the plan. Also, you may weigh the same as before dieting or even worse, more. This is the failure that you’ll receive from most diet programs. As a result, the Calorie Shifting diet was created to solve the particular problem above.

How It Works

This dieting method uses energy from food to urge metabolism in the body to work all the time. Besides, it also makes the Fat Burning Hormone work with full potential. As a result, you can lose weight quickly and continuously.

The Calorie Shifting technique is based on 2 factors;

1) Right food selection at appropriate time

Your body is able to remember your eating patterns and it burns the same calories that you ate a few days ago. Therefore, even though you eat less, as time passes by, the body will adjust itself to the new balance by burning fewer calories too, and your weight won't go down anymore. But if you can choose the types of food on right days and time, you can make the calorie burning work continually. You will be able to keep up the weight-loss rate, and it will be more difficult to get back to your undesired weight.

2) Carbohydrate and Protein

A good Calorie Shifting diet program should consist of enough of both carbohydrate and protein to make dieting succeed. Without carbs, you'll lack energy and your body can't stand the dieting for long. Without protein, the dieting won't work as it's the important key of weight loss.

The protein will urge the body to produce a hormone called "Glucagon" that brings out the collected fat in the body to use as energy. If your body has a fair amount of Glucagon, there is a better chance that you will lose weight more quickly. As a result, people also call Glucagon the "Fat Burning Hormone."

From both the 2 factors, you can see that with the Calorie Shifting method you don’t need to count calories. It’s only setting the suitable menu between carbohydrate and protein to urge the body to call out the unused fat to be used more easily, more quickly and for longer.

Here's an example of daily Calorie Shifting meal plan created by the diet generator of Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

Meal #1
Tuna Salad Plate, Low Fat Milk, Fresh Apples
Meal #2
Delicious Shrimp, Chicken
Meal #3
Ham Slices, Bacon Strips, Baked Beans
Meal #4
Roast Beef Slices, Broiled Halibut, Mixed Vegetables
  See a 3-day consecutive meal plan

How to Make a Calorie Shifting Menu by Yourself

To plan this kind of diet, the difficulties are that

what kind of food to choose;
how to rotate them;
what the proportion should be;
what the gap between meals should be.

Being able to do so, you need some help from nutritional experts only.

But today, there’s no need to worry anymore because you can design this Calorie Shifting menu by yourself easily with the diet generator of Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program.

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