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How Is This 11-day Diet Different From Other Diet Programs?

Official Fat Loss 4 Idiots Site Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, aka "Idiot Proof Diet" or "Diet 4 Idiots", lays stress on both carbohydrate and protein (with a slightly more emphasis on protein.) Its menu consists of a wide variety of foods for you to choose: staple foods, low-fat foods, vegetables, desserts, fruits.

Here're some sample dishes:

Proteins: Chicken (skinless), Tuna Salad Plate, Ham Slices, Walnuts, Roast Beef Slices, Broiled Sea Bass (non breaded), ...
Carbs: Sandwiches, Beans, Banana Milk Shake, Fresh Apples, Fruit Salad Dessert, Garden Salad w/ Dressing, ...

Why Do You Need Carbs And Proteins?

There're two main reasons for this as follows:

Without carbs, you'll lack energy and your body cannot stand the dieting for long. This always fails your diet goal.
Without proteins, the dieting won't work. This is because proteins will urge the body to produce Fat Burning Hormone that brings out the collected fat in the body to use as energy. If your body has a fair amount of this hormone, there is a better chance that you'll lose weight more easily and more quickly.

How Does The Diet Rotate Carbs And Protein Foods?

Idiot Proof Diet will deal with proteins and carbs in a unique way on the principles of Calorie Shifting. The food of your choices will be calculated and scheduled by the online diet generator to build your diet menu. This special food circulation aims to trick your body into forgetting your eating habits. The consequence is continuous metabolism is formed into your body. This is the reason you can keep losing weight. And if you carry on the diet, it's hard for you to gain weight again.

3-Day Sample Meal Plan

Diet 4 Idiots works 11 days a cycle, 4 meals a day. Below is a sample Calorie Shifting menu of the first 3 days created by its diet generator.
(If you are a vegetarian, check out the vegetarian menu here.)

Day #1 (Proteins + Carbs)
Meal #1
Tuna Salad Plate, Low Fat Milk, Fresh Apples
Meal #2
Delicious Shrimp, Chicken
Meal #3
Ham Slices, Bacon Strips, Baked Beans
Meal #4
Roast Beef Slices, Broiled Halibut, Mixed Vegetables

Day #2 (Carbs + Fruits)
Meal #1
Deli-Style Meat Sandwich
Meal #2-4
Fresh fruit chosen from Oranges, Pears, Apples, Grapes, Peaches, Plums, Straberries, Kiwis and Grapefruit

Day #3 (Protein Enriched Day)
Meal #1
Turkey Slices, Cottage Cheese
Meal #2
Broiled Sea Bass, Hard Boiled Eggs
Meal #3
Walnuts, Tuna Salad Plate, Fresh Peaches
Meal #4
Low Fat Milk, Delicious Shrimp

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Will You Get Bored With This Idiot Diet?

No diet program fits your preference with the whole menu. After 3-4 days of going on a diet, you’ll be fed up and then turn back to your personal preference again. Differently, Idiot Proof Diet helps you with the following characteristics that make your diet pleasurable:

Your choice: To set the menu for 11 days, select your own dishes provided with more than 45 kinds of food for nonvegetarians and more than 35 for vegetarians.
No need for a full meal: In each meal on the menu, you don’t need all kinds of food. Just complete the entire menu. You can eat unlimitedly too, without counting calories.
Any meal in the same day: You can switch between meals in a day by your preference. For example, the fourth meal can be switched to the first meal. Perhaps, the second to the third.
3 cheat days: After 11 days of the program, you have 3 free days before starting the new cycle: Eat anything you want!

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